Its floor plan is irregular in shape and is a walled enclosure with barbcans, flanking towers and square and circular corner towers, some of them crowned with battlements .

Among the buildings inside, it is worth highlighting the Alcázar of the Counts of Castellar, with the Torre de Homenaje, which currently houses a Hotel, the Town Hall and the Church of the Divine Savior, in baroque style.

The Castle of Castellar de la Frontera was declared Bien de Interés Cultural in 1949 and Monumento Histórico Artísticoin 1963.

Only a few kilometers away from the Straight of Gibraltar at the southernmost tip of Spain and Europe, one of the best preserved castles in Europe, the Castellar Castle , stands on a rocky promontory.

From the small Patio de Armas you can access the old town of Castellar, with zigzagging very narrow streets decorated with flowerpots and flowerbeds. Walking them is immersing yourself in the past and rediscovering the history and the oldest traditions of Andalusia.

At the entrance the Towers stand out, with defensive elements that defend the access to the Castle, perforated with Saeteras and a corner door opened under a beautiful banked arch framed by another horseshoe arch.

Since its inception it has been a strategic enclave as from here started the first section of the road that from Tarifa reached the Greek Peloponnese, then it was in a border position when defending the kingdom of Taifas.

Vista aérea del Castillo de Castellar

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